ten random facts

for my first post i wanted to share a little about who i am, and some random facts about myself.

i am 23, almost 24 in march. i attended grant macewan university and the university of alberta in edmonton, alberta. i worked towards my bachelor of arts, in anthropology and gender studies. as much as i loved being in university and learning some of the crazy things that the world has to offer, i learned that i am much better with my hands and creativity than i am with a textbook! i will be starting at nait in just under a week, and i am excited, nervous and filled with anticipation all at the same time!

i will try my very best to keep up with sharing as many details as i can from school and life. as a start here is some random things about me!

10 random things about me…

1. i love the new england patriots and the boston red sox.

2. i am obsessed with painting my nails, sometimes a color…for about a day, then usually revert to back to black.

3. i constantly buy new and interesting notebooks and journals that I will probably never fill, but just have to have!

4. i believe leather is the best fabric for most things.

5. i have one sister, she is five years younger than me, and one of my favorite people in the world.

6. i love old, vintage, and antique-y things.

7. i love travelling and going anywhere on a plane. Im a sucker for disneyland…ive been 7 times .

8. when I find a t.v. show I like, (usually on netflix) I obsessively watch every episode I can find.

9.  i think the ampersand is the most beautiful punctuation.

10.  i hate getting up early


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