first days of school

i started school this week and it was insane! i start at the crack of dawn…literally…7:15…ouch! and I live about an hour, by bus, away from the school, so i am getting up at 4:30am. as a notorious fan of sleeping in, getting up that early is painful,l to say the least. im really hoping it gets easier.

as far as actual classes go it is pretty exciting already! my knives are already one of my favorite parts! there is something exhilarating about being able to properly wield a razor sharp piece of stainless steel. we haven’t done much other that learn to chop vegetables but the real cooking comes next week and I couldn’t be more stoked! 



so far ive only bought one of the many textbooks i need…“professional cooking”. this book has been explained as the most important book we will need for our two years, and it certainly holds its importance in its weight…over 1000 pages! it holds a lot of explanations of techniques, pictures and recipes. im excited to become more familiar with the wonders in the pages of this monstrosity! 






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