something i love

i have always had a fondness for awesome, unique, pub-style bars to go eat and drink. one of my favorites is in downtown edmonton, called mercer tavern. the building itself is a 100-year old warehouse that has now been transformed into a functional space housing numerous business’ and maintains the beauty of the original building. among them, a digital arts college, a barber shop, a flower shop, and a fantastic tavern.


one of my best friends, s, goes to school at guru digital arts college and we’ve given ourselves the personal challenge of trying all the beer they have before she finishes school. i think we are completely capable!


so far all of the food I’ve had, from the caprese salad to the nachos to the fish and chips have all been amazing! the atmosphere and décor highlight the “warehouse feel”, while still being comfortable. if you’re ever in the area and want a classy, yet awesome time, i highly recommend mercer! (



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