brie adventure!

as, promised, the outcome of my adventure into the land of brie!

not only did we get to make a dish with brie, but we got to make the actual cheese! the whole process of making cheese is actually really interesting to me. we’ve made mozzarella, ricotta, yogurt, lemon cheese, mascarpone, and now brie. the whole scientific procedure of how to turn milk into something completely different is so cool!

while cooking today, i kinda decided last minute to make up my own recipe. everyone in my class liked it, the only criticism that i got was that it was a wee bit spicy, and it could have used more moisture. i agreed with the moisture, a little splash of some good-semi sweet balsamic vinegar would have been perfect! the time constraint kinda took me by surprise today.

with all of the little cooking challenges that we’ve been doing, it makes me feel like im on pretend episodes of chopped! which i would love anyway, so Im pretty much loving this component to our lab!



the recipe that I used, or made up goes something kinda like this….

(I made enough for 16 pieces of bread, you can obviously make more or less)

8 round pieces sliced, hard-crust bread (to be halved)

1 apple, diced ¼ inch

1 pear, diced ¼ inch

½ jalapeno pepper, minced fine

1 whole green onion, sliced fine

1 tbsp cayenne pepper

½ tbsp cinnamon

1 tbsp olive oil

½ small wheel of brie, enough for ¼ inch strips for 16 pieces of bread


in a small pan, heat up the oil, apple, cinnamon cayenne, jalapeno, and half of the chopped onion. let the apples get coated in the oil, and let the mixture cook just until the apples are soft. (if you don’t want it as spicy, use less cayenne, and jalapeno)

transfer the apple mixture into a bowl.

in the bowl, add the pear, the rest of the onions and stir gently to mix everything evenly.

with the rounds of sliced bread, cut in half, however you want. i made mine into oblong triangle shapes.

spoon about 1 – 1 ½ tbsp of the apple/pear mixture onto the bread.

slice the brie into long thin strips and place ontop of the apple/pear mixture.

bake under the broiler until the cheese starts to melt – about 5-6 minutes.

sprinkle with a few drops each, of good balsamic vinegar.




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