lard sculpture and vegetable flowers

a major part of the cold kitchen lab that i am in right now is learning how to properly garnish and present an appetizing plate. i’m really enjoying this part of our class because i like putting beauty and detail into the, relatively simple foods we’re creating. it also doesn’t hurt that our instructor gives out prizes for the best plates, and ive won a fancy melon baller, a pair of tongs, and a new whisk! here is some photos of the vegetable flowers that i made on monday, and the lard-kracken sculpture that we finished yesterday! 




i’m pretty happy that we’ve finished this project…its very tedious and time consuming, and i don’t really have the attention it requires. the lard itself has a really low melting point, so any extra heat, in the room, or from your hands, makes it very pliable and sticky. it seems like a fairly easy task, but after about 10 hours of work it gets quite frustrating!



i really enjoyed making these flowers! i liked finding different vegetables with pops of colour to create flowers. i spent about three hours making this arrangement and it was one of my favourite assignments we’ve had to produce. 


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