school saturday

im completely in love with school! im loving the people and what i get to do everyday!

im almost used to having only one class for three weeks, and then taking on a new one. after spending five years at the u of a, and grant macewan university, id gotten used to having more than one course to pay attention to at a time. nait is organized to focus one course at a time, and then move onto the next. not only has it made my days very intense, but they also kind of blur together! instead of spending four months in a specific class, each one is condensed into just under a month. each day is about five and half hours of class, with a break, and a lot of learning!

the sanitation class that all culinary students at nait have to take, is the only one that lasts all semester, but is only once a week. the second class that I took was the cold kitchen class, involving garnishing, salads, sandwiches, and presentation. i finished that just over a week ago and, i learned more than i thought i ever would about cheese, and garnishing and buffet presentation than i every thought possible, and it is all fascinating! lol

more than learning about the actual cooking part, i learned that i think i can do this whole cooking school thing. at the beginning of this specific lab, i was a little worried just because the instructor seemed to be a little intimidating, but we finished on a really good note and i am happy with how the class went. 

the lab that I am in now is soups, starches and vegetables, and it is intense! our instructor is quite nice and helpful for the most part. the only thing that i get frustrated about is how disorganized he seems. i like to try and stay as organized as possible and multitask but its hard when the person teaching you doesn’t always seem to know what he wants. but i am quickly learning that culinary school really has nothing to do with what i think, and more about what the instructors think. im learning, its frustrating some days but overall i am very happy with my decision to go to culinary school…for another week at least!