caffeine fix

anyone that knows me knows that I am made of mostly caffeine and hairspray, and I have managed to find a way to make sure i have a direct line to one of those things at all times. for my love of tea, not only am i always drinking tea, but i also work at DavidsTea! i have had various retail-style jobs in my working life, but Davids is a whole other kind of experience. aside from making sure they are providing delicious, quality tea, Davids is also a fun, creative, and friendly environment for customers and staff, and i just love it!

one kind of amazing thing that Davids has done is their recipe page on their website! its super cool cuz they’ve made some really great tea-based recipes for things other than hot/cold drinks! check it out –

one of my personal favorite things to do with teas is mix them! Davids has caught onto this little staff secret and come out with some sets of teas that can be mixed to create more flavors! if you ever get a chance, may i suggest…

Blueberry Jam + Birthday Cake = Blueberry Pancakes!    

Birthday Cake + Coffee Puerh = Tiramisu!      

Super Ginger + Buddhas Blend = Ginger Peach    

And my personal favorite right now, maybe even of all time, is Cranberry Pear + Vanilla Rooibos = Cream Soda!


the cream soda combination does come already weighted out and ready to go, as well as other awesome combinations that are all delicious!